The Call of The Wyld

Jeremy's rating: ★★★★★

The Wyld is like no where else I've ever eaten before. It's a weirdly perfect blend of laid back southern bayou and almost hipster class. This means that the food is comforting and wholesome, while also being interesting, the staff is friendly and welcoming, and the ambiance is outdoorsy - think hermit crab walking past your feet - while also offering real comfort.

Jen's rating: ★★★★★

For me, the atmosphere of a restaurant is just as important as the food. I'm a sucker for outdoor seating, friendly service (I mean, who isn't) and beautiful scenery; The Wyld checks all three boxes and more. Not to mention some fresh as hell and flavorful seafood that I could fill my stomach to the brim with. Already itching to come back!

Where to Eat in Savannah Georgia | The Wyld Seafood

Hidden right along the Country Club Creek with incredible marshland views, The Wyld manages to create a swampy outdoor oasis right on the outskirts of downtown Savannah. 

On our final evening in the beautiful yet haunting city of Savannah, Jeremy and I made the quick 15-minute drive from the historic district (a big shout out to our Lyft driver) and decided to check out The Wyld for a more off-the-beaten-path dining experience. 

The Wyld is located at the far end of a road, which severely confused our driver, but gives it the feel of being isolated from the rest of the neighborhood. It's located right on the waterfront with a huge amount of outdoor seating (including wooden swings, a fire pit, and bocce) that wraps all around the main building, offering views for days (people even have weddings here, which I totally get). The view was so good that we could watch the incoming thunderstorm coming directly towards us - now I know how people in eating competitions feel with a timer ticking away.

Where to Eat in Savannah Georgia | The Wyld Seafood
Where to Eat in Savannah Georgia | The Wyld Seafood
Where to Eat in Savannah Georgia | The Wyld Seafood

Now enough gabbing about the atmosphere and let's talk about the damn good food. Specializing in New American fare with a seafood focus, their menu features super fresh veggies as well as local catches.

Jeremy and I started with their hummus and MY GOD we were immediately throwing our hands in the air (mentally). The pita is thin with a crispy crust yet has a super fluffy texture at the same time. Served with a little dab of feta cheese, the hummus itself has a good chickpea base, basil, and a spicy kick to it. 

For our mains, I couldn't help but dive headfirst into their Peel and Eat shrimp which was covered with a generous dusting of Old Bay and served with a delicious cocktail sauce. This would have been a great dish to share but, being greedy and hungry, I was more than happy to have it for myself. 

Jeremy on the other hand took the more adventurous route and went for the Catch of the Day, which was the black drum fish covered in spices, habernero, and butter and served with a side of fresh veggies. Tender. Delicious. Flaky. Juicy. Let me tell you, even with all that shrimp in my belly I was about ready to take his entire dish for myself too. 

While The Wyld has a small menu, full menu here, they change things up seasonally to keep things as fresh as their seafood (ba dum tss). You can tell that they don't put together their menu to be trendy and really focus on techniques that will bring out the best flavors in their seafood. Stop by for a relaxing time (and take us with you, damn it). 

Additional customer favorites: Steamed banana leaf fish tacos, Watermelon salad, and the Painkiller cocktail.