Jeremy and Jen met all the way back in college when our awkwardness was at an all time high and our bank accounts were at an all time low; however, we still shared dreams of silly adventures and bonded over our mutual wanderlust. While we didn't have the budget to hop on a plane or the time for long-term travel, we satisfied our cravings with local explorations and small road trips. 

Fast-forward and it's been over eight years and we've managed to find our way to destinations all over the world from our home base in Jackson Heights, Queens, always bringing along our weird sense of humor. Still, we have a never-ending bucket list of destinations we're crossing slowly crossing off. Having full-time jobs (Jeremy edits, Jen produces) means being strategic with weekend trips and limited vacation days, but we're up to the challenge. Traveling has no bounds.

Follow along and immerse yourself in our often times educational, hopefully inspiring, and always a little bit kooky adventures.



LIKES trinkets, long road trips, overcast skies, airBNBs, her camera, tropical beaches, kayaks, marble counters, packing, sending postcards to our cats, leaning her seat all the way back.

DISLIKES luxury hotels, waiting in line, museums, jumping off cliffs, tours.



LIKES bike rides, long hikes, free tours, local alcohol, spider-free locations, forested mountains, napping on trains, jumping off cliffs.

DISLIKES posing for photos, when the person in front of you on a plane leans their seat all the way back.